Wednesday, March 22

Bob-omb Earrings

Check out this army of Bob-omb earrings I made and I will be selling them on my Etsy store soon. Here is a tutorial to make some of your own.

Thursday, March 9

DIY Plushies

Here are some fun pillows and plushies I just made.  Some I made the pattern for like the Luna Cat and Bunny and some are patterns found online. Here's a list of the free patterns:

Super Mario: Luma Star
BMO from Adventure Time
Pusheen with Donut
Pusheen 2
Super Mario Star
Futurama Brain Slug

Wednesday, February 22

Printable Shrinky Dink Review 2017

For years I have been printing my images on Shrinky Dink to make earrings. Recently I was extremely disappointed when I purchased a new package. Upon opening the package I immediately I noticed the paper was different, it was thinner material and less plasticy then before. Upon printing the color was completely off and green (I checked my ink on a test page and it was perfectly fine). I went ahead and heated them in the oven to be sure and was unhappy to find not only did the color not improve but the images had completely warped. I had to promptly return my purchase for a full refund. Here is an image of the original Shrinky Dink vs the new product. It hard to tell from the photo but there is a lot of distortion and a big problem with the uniformity of the shrinkage rate as well as a problem with the color change.
After doing some research I found many reviews from angry consumers complaining about the change in the printable Shrinky Dinks. It seems a new company, Alex Brands, has taken over the beloved Shrinky Dinks last year and has cut corners and destroyed it's own product. I strongly advise you do not purchase this product unless they go back to the original material.

Sunday, February 19

Printable Littlest Pet Shop Store Front

Combined these images make a cute poster for your wall. Perfect for parties. Click images to see large size. Each image is approximately 8x10 inches

Wednesday, November 2

'Nursery Tales' Vintage Illustrations

These illustrations are from an old book called 'Nursery Tales'. published by 'W.B. Conkey Company', no date of publication. I scanned the cleaned them up to be used as coloring pages.

Tuesday, October 25

Charmed Book Of Shadows Cover Template

Here is a printable template for the front cover of your 8.5 x 11 inch Charmed spell book. This symbol is called a triquetra.

Charmed Book of Shadows End Papers

Here is  printable 11x17 end paper to add to your 8.5x11 handmade book.

Thursday, October 13

Free Adult Bean Bag Chair Pattern

Here is the lovely Aimee sitting on her newly made Squirtle Pokemon bean bag chair. It takes about 2-3 meters of fabric and 2 bags of Styrofoam beans, bought at Wal-Mart.
Cut 6 side panels, a top and a bottom. Sew the side panel together leaving a hole in one of the seams to turn it out and add filling. (You can also add a zipper here too.) Add on the top, then the bottom. Stuff. Done. Side note: I added some arms and a round squirtle head to spice thing up.