Tuesday, February 20

Free Coloured Printable Scrabble Board

This board is 11.7" x 12.6". It can be printed on 14" x 17" paper. For printable non-coloured version of this board click here.

Wednesday, January 17

Perler Bead Anime Maid

Just finished this large perler bead project, 8 pegboards! The original artwork is by ibu_chuan on instagram. She makes such cute characters. Here is my perler pixel version of her maid character.

Tuesday, January 2

DIY Pop Can Roses!

Here is lovely article my grandmother saved for me from April 1977 issue of 'Woman's Day' magazine. It teaches you how to make a charming bouquet of roses from aluminum pop cans!

Saturday, December 23

Gapchinskaya Doll Pattern

Dolls based on paintings by E. Gapchinskaya, made by artisan Elena Didenko.

DIY Jingle the Elf

Christmas is almost here and I just finished making this rather cute and simplistic Elf on a Shelf doll. The arms and legs and hat are made from socks. I think the body could be made from a sock as well, but I used skin tone fabric. Here is the pattern I whipped together for this project.